Live Like Roo

I have. His name was Brooklyn.

Brooklyn was a French Bulldog who was diagnosed with lymphoma at 10.5 years old. We talked options with the vet and were going to not put him through any treatment. Thanks to Live Like Roo, we had an extra 500+ days of boat rides, walks, peanut butter treats, and of course going to bed under the sheets in between our legs. As soon as your dog gets sick, you remember how precious each day is. Everytime we would forget, that little boy would remind us to shape up. Life is so fragile and chaotic, it’s easy to forget what’s important. Sarah learned from Roo, I learned from Brooklyn, and now it’s time to help others. Live Like Roo provides support and financial assistance to families whose pet faces a cancer diagnosis. With the goal to simplify and streamline the donation and application process, we focused on a strategy to enhance the system infrastructure with web build and design. The previous logo was an old photograph of Roo’s smiling face. As lovable as he is, it’s not a versatile logo for design on print or digital. We rebranded the logo using pieces from Live Like Roo, ice cream cones, and hearts to create a lockup design. Please keep Live Like Roo in mind if you would like to donate to a foundation that truly is made up of "CRAZY DOG LADIES (and guys)!!!" They put every penny toward helping save animals and families in need. RIP to my best buddy, Brooklyn.

Have you ever met a dog that changed your life?

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Live Like Roo

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I took Gary V's signature from a letter he wrote and turned it into his logo. As seen on JRE.

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