Gary Vaynerchuk

Lead designer & Creative Director for white label apparel design utilizing motivating quotes and charisma of a leading Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker, and Social Media Icon.

How do you put a signature clothing line together for a serial entrepreneur known for out-hustling the competition? Keep it true to his f***ing words. It is impossible to not get inspired by listening to Gary Vaynerchuk’s books, live streams, interviews, and basically all other social media platform. It was easy to motivate the team and start designing as a counter puncher (while hitting a book launch deadline: Counter Puncher). Joe Rogan made fun of this iphone 6 case that Gary Vee had while taping the JRE experience episode 910 at the 17:48 mark. “Is that your f*cking signature on your iphone case? That’s a little weird buddy.” - “I’m a weird dude.”

I took Gary V's signature from a letter he wrote and turned it into his logo. As seen on JRE.

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Gary Vaynerchuk

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Co-Founder, Creative Director, Brand Identity, Product Design, Packaging, & Web Design

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