Hand Drawings

1,000's of hours drawing turned into some simple sketches of classic cartoons for my son.

It was different drawing for my son. I watched Disney movies with him during sleepless hours. It was exciting to watch some of the classics for the first time and see how far ahead they were. I wanted to make something timeless for my little guy that we could hang up in his room. It will be fun to watch these movies years from now with him and switch up the characters to his favorites. Most of my life has had some drawing involved. Even my businesses have started with a simple sketch. If the idea is good enough, it's not done until it's hand drawn. Once that drawing lasts, it's time to create the business to match.

Every time I take a break from drawing, something is off. It always comes back.

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Hand Drawings

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Gary Vee

Gary Vaynerchuk

I took Gary V's signature from a letter he wrote and turned it into his logo. As seen on JRE.

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