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What if you are a huge sports fan but don’t really want to wear a jersey?

How do you represent your favorite player? There has always been team apparel but only the elite superstars had their own clothing lines, logos, and custom designs that show off why they are so beloved. We thought every player should have a way to show off their personality and let the fans submit the artwork for the designs. Apparel made for the true fans who want to wear something different. The company was based around design utilizing top 10 plays, team sayings, historic quotes, and overall player swag. We started with two people in a kitchen after moving from Chicago, IL to Austin, TX and brought in five freshly graduated designers to mass produce designs, learn to print, ship, and deal with crazy fans who love their favorite player. One bite, everyone knows the rules. Baker Mayfield showing off The Boz sketch hoodie for his appearance on HBO’s Hard Knocks and Barstool Sports Pizza Review. Dave Portnoy aka El Presidente digs the artwork (Video here of Davey boy loving the hoodie).

Co-Founder, Creative Director, Brand Identity, Product Design, Packaging, & Web Design

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500 Level

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Gary Vee

Gary Vaynerchuk

I took Gary V's signature from a letter he wrote and turned it into his logo. As seen on JRE.

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